Sunday, April 23, 2006

Richmond Code Camp

I attended the Richmond code camp and I have come away with two main ideas. First, I really think they should change the name of these because when I tell anyone where I'm going they laugh, and it's not fair Code Camps are wonderful community events and everyone who does .Net development should attend one if they can, they just need a more professional sounding name. The other thing that happened is I am officially changing my view of paired programming. I attended Jonathan Cogley's session on it and I am now convinced that it can work in the right environment.

get slides and other info from the conference go here (

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Podcasts and operant conditioning

A subset of operant conditioning says that the more you repeat a behavior the easier it becomes to perform that behavior in the future. So I'm going to just start writing anything that comes to my head and to hell with continuity until I'm used to this blog thing.

As part of my attempt to keep up with the 3rd millennium I have recently discovered the podcast. Who knew there where so many people willing to record a radio show and post it on the internet for free. Anyway in particular I've been listing to ARCast with Ron Jacobs available at
just wanted to share. Later!