Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Installing Windows Vista Beta on Virtual PC

I got the bright idea a few weeks ago, to install the windows vista beta. Now I don't have random power machines laying around my house so I thought that that virtual pc would be a great option. I had done this before, download the iso file for the os mount it inside virtual pc's virtual cd drive and away you go. So I get my vista iso an proceed to drop it into the cd drive when I get this message to the effect of, this file exceeds the 2.2 gig limit, well shit what am I suposed to do now? The solution turns out to be quite simple but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.

Basicly what you need to do is mount the iso on the host operating system with a drive letter. Then tell virtual pc to use that drive and away you go. As it turns out this is not a native feature of windows xp. Undaunted my search for a utility lands me at a free but unsupported tool form microsoft for doing just that. I said it was unsupported but its more like unusable, the ui made little sense and when I did figure out how to use it, it did not deliver as promised. Several tools later I found daemon tools at this free tool installed easily, and work without any fuss on the first try.

With a drive letter in place the rest of the install went smoothly. I am alittle mifed about how slow it runs though, thats the downside to virtual pc you really need a behemoth to run well. Anyway my next task will be to install the office 12 beta, and mybe the orcas beta for the full package. Catch ya later.