Monday, May 14, 2007

Reporting Services Table Column Headers in Excel

Recently I've been working with SQL Reporting
Services. I have a generally high opinion of
the product, but I have discovered a fairly large
problem. It does not support repeating column
headers when exported to Excel.

What I have found is that this isn't a bug
in fact it was a design decision to put headers
in the repeating rows in order to support
images. With the repeating rows in use;
there is no other way to repeat information
on each page.

The header can be moved to the excel header
by setting the UseSimpleHeader tag in the
device directive, but even then the table
header row won't repeat. My personal
opinion is that this shouldn't be a big deal
because if the report is exported to PDF
the column header repeat just fine, I have
to imagine that plenty of offices won't view
that as an expectable solution.

By the way, I'm not a Reporting Services
expert, if there is something I've missed
please tell me.